Hello Larp Folks! We can’t wait to greet you at Portal 10 LARP Conference today!
Doors of Centrum Kultury Podgórza open at 10:00 and the program starts at 11:00.

You can sign up for the games and workshops with a limited number of participants on site in info point.

Sessions in Concert Room will be streamed live on our fanpage and available to watch later.

🔁⏱ Color Challenge! Fast Larp Prototyping Session by Piotr Milewski and Piotr Budzisz moved to Friday at 18:00
🔁⏱ How to Run a Larp Collective without Getting „Slightly Mad” by Piotr Milewski moved to Saturday at 10:00
🔁⏱ Larpwright Fuckup Night by Jakub Krassowski moved to Saturday at 18:00
🔁⏱ Organizing a Big Event by Ruth Bitai-Balyko moved to Saturday at 18:00
🔁⏱ Running Commercial Larps for Muggles by Miroslav Wranka moved to Saturday 19:30
🔁🚪 Larp Crush and How to Suffer Less by Marta Salamon moved to the Concert Room
🔁🚪 The Next Generation of Larpers by Gabriela Kruszona moved to Fireplace Room
🔁👤 Procedural Rhetoric in Larps by Anna Volodina takes the place of Queering Larp by Hanne Grasmo
🔁👤 Instant Games by Nick Knizev takes the place of Play Sex: Embodied Erotic Role-play by Hanne Grasmo
🔁👤 Bridal Design by Marcin Słowikowski takes the place of How to Make Your Scenographer Not Hate You by Iryt Kraus

If you want to stay up to date, we encourage you to use the Portal app. You can also add sessions and speakers to favourites, create your own agenda, take notes, rate and comment. You can easily download the app by clicking on this link (in case of iOS, to download the app you need to open the link via Safari browser): https://portal10.glideapp.io

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