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photo by: Kaja Skorzynska


Each larp takes us on a journey. A journey to discover amazing worlds, compelling stories, and unique characters. A journey into the unknown. On the way, we meet travellers both alike and radically different. We share the path, we part ways. Our reasons and destinations may vary, as well as conveyance and the route we take. And that’s what is the most uplifting in larps.


10th Portal celebrates that diversity and invites all larpers from South, North, East and West, to share their approaches, styles, cultures, and cardinal directions of larping. We don’t strive to be a compass that shows the right direction but a wind rose that showcases all the directions at the same time. As there are no rights or wrongs in larping – but things we enjoy more or less, things we already know and that are a mystery.


We believe that this gathering can be a melting pot where we can compare our points of view, collide our ideas and approaches, learn and grow, and help larps to grow as well by sharing our practices, exploring new directions, and networking.


We hope the Portal in Kraków, Poland can be an exciting and exhilarating meeting point on the crossroads. We wait for the long-time experienced travelers and those who just set off on the larp path. We invite those who tasted a lot of the larp flavours and those who have their one and only favourite. We look for those who play for fun, for change, to win, to lose, to lift. First and foremost for those who want to share their journey with others.


Are you ready for the journey?
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