for being part of Portal10!
See you next year in Budapest!

photo by: Kaja Skorzynska

Portal 10 Statute


Legal Regulations

  1. To participate in the event in-person it is necessary to:
    1. register through “PARTICIPANT Portal 10 Registration” form
    2. accept and obey Portal 10 Statute
  2. Organizers, volunteers and safety teams shall have official identifiers in visible places during their shift.
  3. In justified cases, the organizers have the right to ‘override’ this set of regulations, ask participants to leave the event or act according to specific situation, eg. in case of emergency or evacuation.
  4. Participation in the event is free of charge. The participants will not be asked to pay for any part of the Portal 10 Conference. The organizers are NOT obliged to cover any costs related to the event paid by the participants. Travel, accomodation, touristic and food recommendations will be published by the end of May 2022.
  5. At the event’s location it is forbidden to:
    1. use any kind of physical and psychological violence,
    2. use or be under influence of alcohol, drugs and/or any other psychoactive substances,
    3. vape or smoke both traditional and electronic cigarettes inside the building,
    4. damage any part of the facility, including equipment and other materials.
  6. Portal 10 Conference is co-financed by „Portal Project – transition of LARP to the field of adult education”, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership, coordinated by Nausika Educational Foundation.
  7. Personal data of the participants gathered in PARTICIPANT Portal 10 Registration form will be processed by Nausika Educational Foundation who is the legal host of the event.
  8. The organizers and representatives of Portal Larp Convention will record photos, videos and sound during the event and use it for the documentation of the project and promotion of the Portal community. It is accepted by all participants by filling PARTICIPANT Portal 10 Registration form, in case you don’t want particular materials to be published, you must contact the organizers.
  9. Polish law applies to all the participants during the whole duration of the event.

Code of Conduct

  1. Safety Team with clear identification will be present non-stop throughout the event. They can be asked for assistance and clarification for any guidelines of conduct.
  2. We encourage you to:
    1. Assume good intentions and be kind, even or especially to those who have different perspectives.
    2. Cherish diversity, be open and respectful for any kind of differences (eg. traditions, identities, ethnicities, sexualities, religious/political beliefs).
    3. Be curious, eager to learn and share, especially different larp traditions, cultures and styles.
    4. Use English all the time during the event. In doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification.
    5. Foster networking and new connections, introduce people to each other.
    6. Listen actively, be clear and specific in your communication. Express your feelings and needs.
    7. Respect personal boundaries of all the participants.
    8. Remember about self-care (drink water, sleep enough, respect your own personal boundaries and needs).
    9. In case of feeling uncomfortable you are more than welcome to contact our Safety Team.

Covid Safety

  1. The most recent regulations of Polish law toward pandemic Sars-Cov-2 will be applied and all participants are obliged to obey them.
  2. Detailed information will be announced by the end of April 2022. If there are changes made by the Polish government by the end of April, our regulations will be updated accordingly as soon as possible. Some type of document (test, certificate) may be required at the entrance to the building and it will depend on the most updated regulations of Polish law.