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photo by: Kaja Skorzynska

Our Team:

Zbyszek Janczukowicz

Teacher of philosophy and ethics by education, NGO manager and accountant by profession, game designer and permaculture gardener by passion. Founder of Nausika Educational Foundation, coordinator of the Portal Erasmus Project, from which the Portal 10 Conference is financed. Hobbies: chess variants, ethnic board games, larp-chess crossovers. In rare moments of free time he builds a house in the mountains, where he dreams to retire, grow vegetables, and entertain international guests.

Patrycja Paula Gas

Anthropologist, lecturer, youth worker, trainer in the field of social and intercultural competences. Author of the book "Dajakowie wolni ludzie z Borneo" (The Dayaks - free people of Borneo, 2017) based on two-year long field research in Indonesia, co-author of "DiveIn - dip beyond reality. The manual for educators and youth workers on edu-larp methodology" (Kraków 2021), co-founder of Nausika Educational Foundation. Passionate about non-formal learning approach, especially using larp as a transformative and educational tool. Her motto: Flow - Unlearn - Revolve.

Zofia "Zula" Skowrońska

Owns an event agency focused on games, gamification, and cosplay, writes for video games, and teaches at a university. She coordinates content and programme for the 10th Portal. Loves consistent designs that let players safely experience even the most difficult emotions. An author of numerous award-winning larpa. Connected with Portal for a long time, enjoys the chance of being a bridge for larpers from around the world. Loves getting flowers, trying new things, and going to art exhibitions.

Beata Subczak

UX designer by day, an avid larper by night and weekends. She is a people loving introvert, which is always surprising to her friends. Has lots of creative energy and loves working in a team. Co-wrote two larps so far, but has an appetite for much more. Playing to lose and playing for trouble are her styles of choice when it comes to larping. Ask her to imitate a kettle or an owl, she will gladly do it.

Danai Chondrokouki

By day runs a company providing organisational and administrative support, by night builds empathetic and supportive communities and plans events. In larp-making she is a producer. Powered by coffee, chocolate and dog memes. Likes to learn about psychology, HR, new cultures, collects experiences and memories, loves handicrafts - larping provides a creative outlet for most of these interests. For Portal, she is coordinating the volunteer team - hoping to bring a great experience for everyone.

Krzysia Korzycka

IT specialist and self-taught crafter with a strong background in dancing. Loves the prep work before larps, from gathering the props, through getting to know your character, to putting all of this into action when the game starts. A meticulous, analytical thinker with a good eye for graphic design and a sweet tooth for hot chocolate or a nice lemonade on a sunny day.

Jakub "Korzy" Korzycki

Technical writer by profession, an amateur translator and filk songwriter. Passionate about role playing games, both table-top RPGs and larps, for over 15 years. A long-time game master at role playing games youth summer camps. Loves to co-create stories and characters, and has a soft spot in his heart for Celtic dances, ancient languages, good grammar, cheese, and spicy food.

Marcin "Słowik" Słowikowski

Culture expert, communication specialist, larp designer, promoter, and critic based in Poland. Co-founder of LubLarp project, organizer of Kola conference, TEDx speaker. Author of award-winning larps System and Nightclub. Game designer and master at Witcher School. He loves character and story-driven designs, heavy plots with twists and ambiguities, playing on characters’ relations and emotions. He thinks larps have a great impact on people and can bring a lot of valuable life lessons.

Julia Leśniewska

Theatre and children’s literature expert, passionate teacher, musician, larp designer, versatile crafter, chaos organiser, and human lover. Started playing and designing larps in 2016 and it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop any time soon. Enjoys fully fledged characters and vivid emotions, preferably set in modern or future worlds. Would like to play more horror themed games. She loves the thrill of giving a player character and seeing what they do with it. She’s also addicted to tea.

Joanna “Aszka” Płaszewska

Video game producer at Anshar Studios. Coordinator of Polish Larp Conference Kola 2018. Larp player and creator since 2010. A fan of interesting larp mechanics, short and intense games with clear vision, and overall creative chaos that players bring into games. While playing, she likes to co-create space for new experiences. For Portal 10 she is responsible for communication and content. She loves cats and dogs, long naps, and English literature from the 19th century. Has a cat named Mandrake.

Maciej Tajduś

IT specialist with a flair for graphic design. A proud website wizard for this project. Wishes he had been larping for longer than he actually has. Loves the chance of personal development provided by playing characters with strongly different traits and values. He is thrilled to meet the big larp family during the Portal Conference. Personally, he’s a fan of craft beer, Vikings inspired music, board games, and cycling. A very friendly person, always happy to help.

Jakub "Luigi" Jamrozik

An experienced larper from Kraków. He's been to 300 larps over the last four years, although his first game was in 1999. He works as a manager in Orange. In Kraków Fantasy Club he has been a co-organiser of Krakon since 1997, which used to be the largest fantasy convention in Poland. Recently, with friends, he has reactivated the Krakow Fantasy Club and now hopes for many larps to happen in Kraków. Writes and produces larps as well.

Karolina Bednarczyk

A professional city game designer, mobile apps tester, UX specialist, and graphic designer. Played her first larp two years ago and fell in love with the concept. Hasn’t designed many larps yet, but her experience in city games as a script writer and producer will help her in future projects. Portal 10 Conference is a great challenge for her that she’s happy to be facing with a group of great people.


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