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photo by: Kaja Skorzynska


International LARP Conference


Sokolska 13, Kraków, Poland


24-26 June 2022

The Idea:

The 10th Portal celebrates diversity and invites all larpers from North, East, South, West, to share their approaches, styles, cultures, and cardinal directions of larping. We don’t strive to be a compass that shows the right direction but a wind rose that showcases all the directions at the same time. There are no rights or wrongs in larping - only aspects we enjoy more or less and already know, and aspects that are a mystery.

photo by: Kaja Skorzynska


Thank You!

Thank you for joining us at Portal10! The conference in Kraków was a blast! We’re so thankful to you all for being there! There were so many

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Portal 10 starts today!

Hello Larp Folks! We can’t wait to greet you at Portal 10 LARP Conference today!Doors of Centrum Kultury Podgórza open at 10:00 and the program starts at 11:00.  SIGNUPSYou

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What’s in store for the next generation of larpers? What stereotypes clung to different larp communities? How a larp tool saves lives in Ukraine? Can

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10th Portal’s keystones

We want Portal to be a space for exchanging experiences between people from different countries and different larp cultures. Those cultures would not exist without all of you, so no matter if you are an organizer, creator, or player – we encourage you to submit your applications for various forms of participation in our conference.


Design talks allow us to share experiences about larp content and formula


Production lets us develop more efficient ways to organize our games


Impact describes how larping can and does influence the world: both the larping community and broader society

10th Portal is organised by Nausika Educational Foundation in collaboration with:


You can get in touch with us by sending us an email or messaging us on Facebook